Heavy Equipment Training Program



The safe and efficient execution of our work begins with a well-trained team of operators. Morgan Corp.’s commitment to industry-leading training for heavy equipment operators is unparalleled in civil construction. Our proprietary EXCELS equipment training program has exemplified the quality and talent to be expected when Morgan Corp. operators are on a project site. EXCELS is defined by the following key elements: Educate, Examine, Communicate, Empower, Leadership, Safety.

Equipment Maintenance

Our EXCELS program extends to the daily inspection and care of equipment in the field by each operator on each piece of equipment. Paired with a dedicated maintenance staff, and shop and traveling mechanics, the care we put into our modern fleet makes it easy to recognize when Morgan Corp. equipment is on a project site.

300 Active Pieces of Equipment

We’re proud of our large fleet of modern construction equipment. Our upfront investment in time-tested and proven Caterpillar equipment, along with regular equipment rotation and a preventive maintenance program, ensures that we work harder and longer – with lower repair cost and more importantly, less downtime.