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Soil Stabilization

A jobsite’s soil plays a vital role when planning, designing, and building a new structure. The integrity of a building depends not only on the foundation, but equally the soil it is built on. A comprehensive soil analysis determines the need for an effective ground stabilization strategy.

Soil stabilization involves long-term physical and chemical alteration to enhance its physical and engineering properties. Our innovative strategies can transform weak soil into a strong foundation using practical, effective engineering techniques. Lime for soil stabilization and other methods significantly increase durability and compressibility while reducing permeability.

A Solid Foundation

Morgan Corp. has the equipment and experience to fortify soil for projects involving buildings, distribution warehouses, roadways, and similar structures. We utilize stabilizing additives such as lime, lime kiln dust, cement, or cement kiln dust to treat relatively poor soil conditions or unbound aggregates. This translates to lower stabilization costs, fast-track project scheduling, and most significantly, a solid and stable subgrade.

Rely on Proven Experience in Soil Stabilization

New buildings need a stable foundation to ensure superior construction and long-lasting durability. A structure’s foundation must rest on soil that can sufficiently transfer the building’s entire load. Weak soil often compacts and eventually swells, leading to the floors shifting and the walls buckling.

Our soil stabilization solutions for roadways strengthen subgrades for streets, parking lots, and similar structures. When unstable soil swells, it can cause bumps, cracks, and fractures that can present hazards, like accidents on roadways and airfields.

Soil Stabilization Methods Benefit A Construction Project Through:
  • Potential reduction in pavement or slab-on-grade thickness.
  • Potential reduction in stone base thickness.
  • Use of on-site materials to help eliminate undercutting and haul-off of unstable soils.
  • Potential elimination of time and costs associated with fill material importation.
  • Reduction in weather dependency. Stabilized soils can provide all-weather access to project sites and building pads.

Advantages of Choosing Morgan Corp. for Soil Stabilization Services

Morgan Corp. offers proven ground stabilization services using safe, effective methods. Our strategies help create a solid foundation for a new structure or put an existing project back on schedule. Our stabilization methods produce results for various conditions, from erosion and swelling to runoff and poor compaction.

We’ll fix issues and stabilize soil the right way the first time to save time, money, and resources. Our team leverages decades of combined knowledge and field experience to create the ideal soil conditions on site.

Our longstanding relationships with top general contractors across the Southeast speak to our reputation. We pride ourselves on honest and transparent communication, keeping you informed of our progress throughout each project phase.

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If you’re looking to partner with a soil stabilization company with a proven track record, Morgan Corp. is the answer. We know each project is unique, so we take a systematic approach to develop a strategy that produces results.

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