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Soil Stabilization

A Solid Foundation

Soil stabilization is the long-term physical and chemical alteration of soils to enhance their physical and engineering properties.

Morgan Corp. has the equipment and experience to utilize a wide variety of stabilizing additives such as lime, lime kiln dust, cement, or cement kiln dust to treat relatively poor existing soil conditions or unbound aggregates.  This translates to lower stabilization costs, maintenance of fast-track scheduling on projects, and most importantly a solid and stable subgrade.

Benefits of Stabilization

  • Potential reduction in pavement or slab-on-grade thickness
  • Potential reduction in stone base thickness
  • Use of in-situ materials, which may eliminate undercutting and haul-off of unstable soils. This may also eliminate time and cost associated with importation of fill material.
  • Reduction in weather dependency. Stabilized soils can provide all-weather access to project sites and building pads.