New & Existing Dam Construction Services

Water Resources

Keys to Success

Safety and quality control are paramount to any successful dam project. The dam work performed by Morgan Corp. is driven by a strong project management team. Morgan Corp. self-performs many of the key components of the work including the specified capability of Roller-Compacted Concrete. Our high attention to detail and methodology in placing soils, pipes, filters, and components result in excellent safety records, along with completion times that meet or exceed expectations.

New & Existing Dam Work

Morgan Corp. has executed both new construction of a dam and reservoir and rehabilitation work on an existing dam. On a new construction of a dam and reservoir, Morgan Corp. offers most grading capabilities, site prep, dewatering, and piping. New construction projects may also include Roller-Compacted Concrete or cast-in-place concrete, depending on the engineer’s design.

Regarding rehabilitation work on an existing dam, we are able to reconstruct and/or strengthen the existing dam and related facilities, removing and replacing sections or modifying concrete damaged portions. With a strong history of excellent work and expertise on staff, Morgan Corp. has been pre-qualified by a number of well-known engineering firms for earthwork and concrete cap.

Dams and Levee Services

  • Roller Compacted Concrete Dams & Spillways
  • Reinforced Concrete Spillways
  • Earthen Dams
  • Structural Upgrades & Seismic Stabilization
  • Rehabilitation of Spillway Gates
  • Reservoirs & Impoundments