Corporate Social Responsibility

Morgan Corp. is dedicated to caring for our community, environment, and employees. Our scope of work will always include careful consideration for people and our planet. Many Morgan Corp. projects focus on installing sustainable environmental protection. This means we work toward ensuring that our communities have clean ground water, proper waste disposal, and quality land management.

Project Spotlight

W.S. Lee Ash Basin

At one of our ash basin closure sites, Morgan Corp. is responsible for the safe excavation, removal, and disposal of hazardous ash from a former coal burning energy plant. This project protects the ground water, adjacent river, and soil surrounding the former coal plant from contamination. Morgan Corp.’s efforts ensure that our community’s natural resources are safe for generations to come.

“This is unique and challenging work. We are proud to play a part in construction solutions that ensure local residents have safe and clean drinking water.”

– Clay Hendricks, Project Manager

Commitment to Community

Morgan Corp. employees invest resources and volunteer hours benefiting education, health and human services, and other causes.

In 2021 and 2022, Morgan Corp. employees partnered with Cleveland Academy (Spartanburg, SC) to lead reading clinics for elementary students. Early-childhood reading skills and education will remain a priority for Morgan Corp.’s community support.

“If there’s one thing you can do for someone to help them succeed, make sure they know how to read.”

– Chuck Bobo