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We love the challenges that come with putting complex civil construction projects together. In fact, the more complex the project, the more we excel. We are problem solvers and we believe every project challenge creates an opportunity for success. Morgan Corp. core construction services span a wide range of projects from site preparation to advanced utilities and civil projects.

Morgan Corp. is Built On:

Morgan Corp. began as Morgan Landscape Company in 1945. Its founder, Ladson Morgan, was a World War II veteran and native South Carolinian. Morgan Landscape Company offered ground clearing, repair, and site preparation to clients in and around Spartanburg, South Carolina.

The Johnson Family purchased the business in 1971 but retained the Morgan name as a nod to its beginnings and to Ladson. Morgan Corp. has since grown into one of the largest heavy civil construction companies in the Southeast.

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  • Act with Integrity
  • Strive for Excellence
  • Treat Everyone with Respect
  • Be Accountable to Ourselves, to Each Other, and to our Customers
  • Communicate Openly and Honestly
  • Value the Experience and Opinions of Others
  • Resolve Conflicts in a Timely and Positive Manner by Focusing on Issues, Not Emotions
  • Celebrate Success

Our uncompromising dedication to providing a safe work environment for our employees is a celebrated value at Morgan Corp.  We have established a culture of continuous improvement that makes Morgan Corp. a construction industry leader in safety excellence and demonstrates the care we have for our workforce.

All projects, big or small, require attention to detail and well-thought-out planning. With this in mind, Morgan Corp. provides quality to every construction project we touch.

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With open and honest communication & accountability being two of our core values, it is no surprise that we are Built On Integrity. At its core, integrity is doing the right thing in every situation, even when no one is watching.

From the projects that we manage to the people we work with every day, practicing integrity even in the face of challenges has never failed. It is the basis of our recruitment strategy and the overwhelming attribute of what makes Morgan Corp. a great place to work.

As a family-owned business, we are committed not only to our employees but also to their families. We maintain a safety-centered culture because we believe everyone deserves to go home to their family at the end of the day.

From our beginnings with Ladson Morgan and his family, we have emphasized the importance of relationships and relying on each other, our Morgan family, to get the job done.

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All about our people

We’ve been leaders in commercial and industrial site development for over 75 years. We employ qualified personnel who pay attention to details and understand the importance of adaptability. We work as a whole to uphold our core values of safety, quality, and productivity.