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Heavy Civil Construction Services

Heavy Civil and Industrial Construction

Morgan Corp. specializes in heavy civil and industrial construction that involves an extensive range of engineering capabilities. We differ from general contractors because of our specialized equipment and advanced processes, allowing us to handle projects efficiently, safely, and cost-effectively. Our teams work with private and public organizations, offering services like site preparation, drilling and blasting, underground utility installation, soil stabilization, and more.

With over 75 years of experience, Morgan Corp. has become the Southeast’s largest heavy civil and industrial construction company. We pride ourselves on honesty, transparency, and integrity, always keeping clients up to date during each project phase.

We love the challenges that come with putting complex civil construction projects together. The more complex the project, the more we excel. We are problem solvers, and we believe every project challenge creates an opportunity for success.

Our core services span various projects, from site preparation to advanced utilities and industrial trades.

Our Expertise

Every construction project begins with site preparation. At Morgan Corp., we believe a good start is essential for a successful project.
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Site Preparation
Timely completion of each phase of landfill construction is critical to allow uninterrupted operations at these essential facilities.
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Industrial development includes site preparation for warehouses, manufacturing facilities, power generation stations, distribution centers, airports, and mining and quarrying operations.
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Properly installing these “wet” utilities requires unending attention to detail and a keen eye for safety, making Morgan Corp. the perfect choice for the job.
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Underground Utilities
The capabilities of Morgan Corp. are comprehensive, covering the full scope of civil engineering projects — Soil and Stone Base Modification and Stabilization Services, Material Processing, HDPE Pipe Installation, and Gas Extraction Systems and Consulting.
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Soil Stabilization
With more than 10 million square feet of successfully completed Roller-Compacted Concrete pavements, Morgan Corp. has emerged as a leader in this cost-effective and durable method of rigid pavement construction.
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Roller-Compacted Concrete
Water resources include a comprehensive range of dam and levee services, from reinforced concrete spillways and earthen dams to reservoirs and impoundments.
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Water Resources
For decades, Palmetto Rock Services, Inc. has delivered expert contract drilling and blasting services for construction sites, quarries, mines, and more.
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Drilling and Blasting

Benefits of Partnering With Morgan Corp.

Morgan Corp. understands the pace of complex projects and the demands that come with them. As a certified heavy civil and industrial contractor, we handle most project details in-house, helping us control workflow and minimize costly delays.

Our projects range from small construction sites to large distribution centers, neighborhood developments, and critical infrastructure. We offer the flexibility to size our equipment fleet and workforce to meet the unique needs of each project. Regardless of a project’s duration, complexity, or size, we provide individualized attention to ensure timely completion and exceed client expectations.

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