Our Underground Utilities Services

Underground Utilities

Attention to Detail

The proper installation of these “wet” utilities requires unending attention to detail and a keen eye for safety, making Morgan Corp. the perfect choice for the job.

Our Underground Utilities Services

Morgan Corp. underground utility crews install all types of storm drainage, sanitary sewer, landfill leachate collection, and water distribution systems. Our services include the installation of fusion-welded HDPE (high density polyethylene) pipe. This pipe is commonly used in landfill leachate collection systems, storm drainage, sanitary sewer rehabilitation work and other specialized applications. Morgan Corp.’s underground utilities projects range in size from 1,000 LF to 100,000 LF.

Our Technology

By utilizing the latest in modern technology and equipment, we ensure that all specifications of a project are met to the highest standards. This, combined with the application of proper procedures and techniques, means that each client receives a long lasting, cost-effective, and trouble-free system.

Although underground utility systems are, by design, mostly “out of sight”, they are certainly never “out of mind” at Morgan Corp. A major component of our quality control program is the video inspection of the completed work from inside the buried pipe and structures. For this, we utilize the latest technology in remote-controlled digital video viewing and recording systems. This process ensures that materials and installations meet or exceed all applicable requirements. It also provides important documentation of when work was performed and that it was properly completed.

Our Crew

With a diverse staff, Morgan Corp. has the ability to staff many projects with multiple crews. Our in-house staff of surveyors, drilling and blasting professionals and equipment mechanics provides our utility crews with the support services necessary to complete their work safely and productively. This allows for the work to be completed without the delays often caused when these services are provided by outside consultants, dealers, or subcontractors.