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Rock Drilling and Blasting Services

Palmetto Rock Drilling and Blasting Services

Rock often presents significant challenges across many construction projects, requiring trained professionals, advanced equipment, and specialized certifications to remove. When these problems arise, a reputable drilling and blasting company helps keep a project on schedule. These services are vital for increasing efficiency, reducing cost, and maximizing safety across a job site.

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Morgan Corp. is proud to partner with Palmetto Rock, a wholly owned subsidiary and the Southeast’s top rock drilling and blasting company. Palmetto Rock provides top-class drilling, blasting, and mechanical services for various industries across the region by leveraging highly skilled professionals with advanced tools and technology.

Types of Rock Drilling and Blasting Services We Offer

Our expert contract drilling and blasting services cover three primary areas:


For over 30 years, Palmetto Rock has provided expert contract drilling services for quarries, mines, construction sites, and more. Whether fragmenting rock that requires excavation or preparing for a more complex controlled blast, we have truly mastered this highly specialized skill and can handle the most challenging drilling projects with an unmatched level of safety and professionalism.

  • Capable of drilling holes 2 inches to 6 ½ inches in diameter
  • Drilling pattern flexibility
  • Horizontal and vertical drilling

Dedicated to getting the best results with the least amount of vibration and air blast to the project site and neighboring environment, the Palmetto Rock team uses only safe, proven blasting methods.

  • Electronic blasting initiation system
  • Non-electric detonator
  • Survey with the coordinates of the boreholes and explosion sites
  • Deslagging for precise boiler cleanup

Sometimes controlled blasting isn’t an option because of the vibration, risk of fly rock, noise, or sensitive facilities nearby. In these cases, instead of a blast, we fracture the rock or concrete with chemical rock-splitting agents and hydraulic breakers. Regardless of your needs, we’ll find the right solution to keep your project moving forward.

  • Excavator-mounted hydraulic breakers for fracturing large areas of rock or concrete
  • Dā-mite® Rock Splitting Mortar for silent, vibration-free fracturing in rock-cuts up to 50 feet deep

Turn to Our Proven Experience

Palmetto Rock has established a reputation as the top specialty subcontractor across the Southeast. We embrace the challenges that often come with complex construction projects. Our highly specialized scope of services, cutting-edge technology, and commitment to continuous improvement set us apart from other rock drilling companies.

For all the accomplishments and successful projects we could list, our focus — first and foremost — will always be on safety. Nothing we do comes before the safety and well-being of our staff, the public at large, the companies we work with and for, and the places where we do our work.

This promise is not only in the best interest of our business — it is our deep moral and ethical obligation to take every prudent precaution necessary to ensure the safety and well-being of everyone exposed to the hazards of our industry.

For operations that have unexpectedly encountered rock or require rock excavation, our drilling and blasting services can help keep projects on schedule. We only utilize processes that are practical and proven. Our certified professionals drill, blast, and remove rock using the most efficient, safe, and cost-effective techniques.

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Both Morgan Corp. and Palmetto Rock are committed to providing the industry’s top rock drilling, blasting, and fracturing services to clients across the Southeast. Our unmatched customer service and dedication to safety ensure an outstanding experience across each project phase — from the initial phone call to the finishing touches at a project site.

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