Morgan Corp. Internships: Field & Office Opportunities



Every summer, Morgan Corp. hosts a program for college interns. The program is designed to give students an opportunity to work in the field and learn from Project Managers and Project Engineers, as well as all other employees. One of our values is to ‘value the experience and opinions of others,’ and our interns spoke to this point during their Summer 2022 wrap-up. Each individual expressed the lessons they learned from all different skill sets and the respect they gained for anyone who works in construction.

For those of you who have an interest in construction, but don’t necessarily want to work in the field, we offer office internships as well. All internships are driven by individuals who have the self-discipline and desire to make the most of their time with Morgan Corp.

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Career Fairs

Our recruiting team travels to schools throughout the Southeast to share our company culture and work with those interested in the construction industry. Here, students can gather information and ask questions to prepare themselves for their future careers.

Want Morgan Corp. at your Career Fair? Contact our Recruiting Team for more information.

We work with schools across the southeast to prepare students for the workforce. Here are some that we have worked with in the past and currently work with: