New Power Plant Generation Services

Power & Energy

Decades of Experience

Morgan Corp. has decades of experience in new generation and maintenance projects under our belt. With a portfolio that dates back to the 1970s, we have plenty years of practice and success.

New Generation Projects

Morgan Corp. has significant experience in new power plant generation in both fossil and nuclear plants. With regards to fossil power plants, Morgan Corp. executed the Cliffside Project in Cliffside, NC. This project encompassed the construction of a new coal-fired power unit at the Cliffside Steam Station.

The Plant Vogtle Project is a great example of our work with nuclear plants. This project was a total site preparation package for construction of two new AP1000 Model, 1100Mw Nuclear Power Generating Units in Waynesboro, GA. We have also worked on a number of gas turbine projects including combined cycle or simple cycle.

Maintenance Projects

We offer comprehensive maintenance including rehabilitating roads, laying pipe, re-routing fly ash lines, and routine ash handling.

Disposal Projects

Morgan Corp. offers disposal of CCP landfill construction and coal composition products. New technology enables us to capture, transport, and place ash into lined landfill cells, capping once filled.