Southeast Landfill Construction Services

Landfill Construction Services

Landfill Construction Services

People unfamiliar with the function of modern landfills are unaware of the many environmental benefits they provide. Today’s landfills require innovative and highly accurate engineering processes to protect the environment from potentially harmful contaminants in industrial, commercial, and residential waste streams. These facilities must meet specific design parameters to ensure compliance with local and federal regulations.

Well-designed landfills benefit the environment by extracting and purifying decomposing gasses and converting them into energy. Technological advancements in leachate management and soil lining ensure minimal damage to the surrounding land. Many landfills even implement state-of-the-art recycling processes that help preserve the planet’s natural resources.

Morgan Corp. offers top-class landfill construction services throughout the Southeastern United States. Our reputation as an industry leader lets us perform some of the region’s most comprehensive projects. We can assemble a workforce and equipment fleet to meet each job’s requirements.

Leading the Way in Landfill Site Construction Across the Southeast

Our teams of experienced staff complete these challenging projects on budget and on time. Timely completion of each phase of landfill construction is critically important to allow for uninterrupted operations at these essential facilities. Our experienced management staff, late-model equipment fleet, GPS machine-controlled systems, in-house surveying, and digital terrain modeling capabilities have earned us an impressive reputation in our region for quality landfill construction services.

How We Do It

In addition to the initial site preparation, excavation, and embankment construction, Morgan Corp. crews construct impermeable clay liners, both with and without soil amendments such as bentonite or soda ash. The clay liner surface is prepared for the high-density polyethylene (HDPE) geomembrane liner and other components of the synthetic liner system. We also install leachate collection systems, drainage mediums, and protective covers — all accomplished without damage to the underlying liner system.

Landfill leachate collection systems offer many advantages over conventional alternatives, including increased decomposition rates, reduced leachate treatment costs, lower maintenance requirements, and minimized downtime. Effective drainage mediums are critical for collecting leachate and rainwater, allowing them to drain away from the buried waste. Landfill covers provide a comprehensive list of benefits, from soil protection and pest prevention to odor and fire control.

Advantages of Choosing Morgan Corp. as Your Landfill Construction Contractor

Morgan Corp. understands that our employees and clients are our most valuable assets. We ensure our teams have the latest training and modern tools to meet the highest safety standards while using today’s most innovative construction and site preparation processes. Thanks to our vast experience and unparalleled technical expertise as a landfill construction contractor, we deliver services that meet each client’s design, scheduling, and budget needs.

At Morgan Corp., we pride ourselves on the detail, efficiency, and accuracy of every landfill construction job we undertake. Our advanced capabilities enable us to work on projects with all rock and soil types, from clay and silt to sandstone, limestone, and granite. Our extensive project portfolio and longstanding partnerships with the region’s top general contractors showcase our expertise and proven track record.

Discover More About Our Landfill Construction Processes

Morgan Corp. has decades of landfill construction experience and technical expertise, ensuring we get the job done right the first time. Contact a Morgan division near you today to learn more about how our solutions can benefit your upcoming project.