Our Landfill Construction Services


We are a leading provider of landfill construction services in the Southeast.

Our teams of experienced staff complete these challenging projects on budget and on time. Timely completion of each phase of landfill construction is critically important to allow for uninterrupted operations at these important facilities. Our experienced management staff, late-model equipment fleet, GPS machine controlled systems, in-house surveying, and digital terrain modeling capabilities have earned us an unequalled reputation in our region for quality landfill construction services.

How We Do It

In addition to the initial site preparation, excavation, and embankment construction, Morgan Corp. crews construct impermeable clay liners, both with and without soil amendments such as bentonite or soda ash. The clay liner surface is cleaned and prepared to receive the HDPE geomembrane liner. We also install leachate collection systems, drainage mediums, and protective cover – all accomplished without damage to the underlying liner system.