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Bridgestone Tire Plant


This Bridgestone Tire project is a new manufacturing plant located in Trenton, Aiken County, SC. Construction of the facility started in 2011 and included 2 phases. The owner and the design team selected RCC as the pavement of choice for the access and haul roads in and around the plant. Placement of approximately half of the RCC pavements was included in each of the two construction phases.

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Gresham Smith & Partners designed the pavement section, which consisted of a 6-inch aggregate base layer and a 7.5-inch RCC surface layer. The base layer was placed by others and served as a temporary construction road. The RCC for the first construction phase was also placed by others. Morgan Corp., working as a paving subcontractor to Kajima Design and Building Group, constructed the RCC for the second phase of the project. This phase of the work encompassed 38,500 square yards of RCC.

Morgan Corp. evaluated several sources of aggregates available nearby and chose materials different from what was used in Phase 1. An RCC mix design meeting the project requirements was selected based on laboratory testing and field performance during the first day of placement. The project was completed within the contract time and within budget. Owner, General Contractor, and the Architect/Engineer of record all expressed great satisfaction with the quality of the RCC placed by Morgan Corp. during the second phase of the project. When asked about the pavement, the project engineer stated, “The current RCC job being done by Morgan Corp. has shown Bridgestone what RCC could be.”

square yards of RCC
RCC surface layer