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Women in Construction

Happy Women in Construction Week to the many hard working and dedicated women on our Morgan Corp. team.

We are proud to continue to break down barriers and provide opportunities in an industry historically dominated by men.

Whether supervising in the field, operating heavy equipment, running our small tools division, managing projects, leading safety training, managing payroll, marketing the business, or helping our offices run efficiently, it is evident the immeasurable impact of women across our organization.

This week, we acknowledge the grit and determination of our female leaders and voice our support for the next generation of women in construction.

A couple of our women were featured in Hill Electric’s Women Construction Forum. They hope that by sharing the experiences of others, they can encourage the next group of young women to explore the opportunity of construction.

“100% just follow your dreams and go for it, because there are going to be barriers and people telling you not to, but just do it.”

-Angel Brown

“Follow your dreams and it doesn’t matter what people say; that it’s a man’s job; because anyone can do it if you just put your mind to it.”

-Carina Escobar-Montoya