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Training Spotlight: CAT Grade Control

As part of our commitment to training and investing back into our growing workforce, the Morgan Corp. training team regularly coordinates classes at Caterpillar’s Edwards Demonstration & Learning Center in Peoria, IL. Their expert trainers host multi-day courses for employees with various levels of operating experience to hone their skills across equipment families.

In October, Morgan Corp. sent a second group of employees to complete the Grade Control GPS Technology Training. They spent four full days at the Edwards facility learning the ins and outs of grade control technology across multiple machine types. This allows for hands-on and in the classroom learning with a proven increase in knowledge from initial testing.

Congratulations to the following team members for successfully completing this course:

Judge Avery, Superintendent

John Gainer, Operator

Kenny Weston, Superintendent

Ricky Herndon, Operator

Dylan Cusick, Operator

Clifton Coleman, Survey/Grade Control Technician

Dylan Bacon, Project Engineer