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On the Road Again! Rooster’s Summer Cookout Series

Todd Hunter, better known as “Rooster,” is making his way up and down the Southeast this summer, visiting Morgan Corp.’s job sites near and far.

Rooster’s Morgan Corp. story started out like many others. Through his participation in a co-op program in the 10th grade, he learned to the basics of welding and working on heavy equipment. Paired with mentorship from folks like Stewart Johnson and Chuck Bobo, he found himself motivated and capable as he took on more responsibilities with Morgan Corp.’s welding team.

Bringing folks from all divisions and departments along for the ride, Rooster’s summer of grilling and gathering folks together is a testament to his gift of servant leadership.

When he’s not cooking, he spends his time fostering the growth of young talent in the Equipment Division through his involvement with RD Anderson’s co-op program, a nod to his past.

Be on the lookout for more pics to come from his adventures on our Instagram!