Professional Development

Continuation of Education

Morgan Corp. encourages employees to continue learning in order to strive for excellence. There is always something to be learned, whether that be from fellow employees or from extra classes.

Courses for Our Employees

Typically, at least one course takes place each week to support our employees’ learning endeavors. From OSHA certification to leadership workshops, Morgan Corp. continues to offer a range of classes for a well-rounded work experience.

CAT Courses

A few months out of the year, Morgan Corp. sends a handful of employees to CAT school to enhance their machine operating skills and knowledge. We record a pre-assessment and post-assessment with each trip and see noticeable improvement.

Let the record show during the CAT Excavator Level 2 class in August 2022 there was:

  • 29% improvement in machine operation
  • 22% improvement in ISO Symbols & Warning Levels
  • 16% improvement in Machine Knowledge, and
  • 9% improvement in machine specific Safety Knowledge