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CAT Dozer TTT September 2023

We’ve reached the half way point through our CAT training sessions for 2023. This trip, our operators participated in Level II Dozer training. Along with best practices on operation, maintenance, and safety, our team was able to get a look into the recent advancements in technology and engineering that CAT has made in our industry.

Why our Employees are Trained By CAT?

Why do we continue to send our employees to CAT school? Because the proof is in the data. Each course the participants take a pre assessment test followed by a post assessment at the end of the week. With an average of 45% improvement per class, we’re eager to continue investing in the education of our people.

Congratulations to the following on their completion of this training:
Tyler Wallace
Steven Gregory
John-Patrick Mahoney
Brad Oglesby
Juan Hernandez
Ardene Harley