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2022 Internship Program

This summer, 10 student interns were selected to participate in our 2022 Summer Internship Program. Each year students apply for a spot working with one of four divisions, both in the office and in the field.

Here is an overview of what the interns accomplished this rotation:

  • Learning the basics of civil construction through training at Caterpillar Edwards Demonstration & Learning Center
  • Rotating throughout our offices and internal departments
  • Honing their skills working in the field
  • Traveling across the southeast on the annual intern trip to visit project sites in person
  • Sharing day in the life content on Morgan Corp. social media
  • Presenting to executives about their internship experience and lessons learned

The following students successfully completed their internship in August: Matt Fletcher (Spartanburg Division), Isaiah Ellis (Industrial Division), Zachary Taylor (Savannah Division), Paola Garcia Duran (Spartanburg Division), Natalie Branand (Savannah Division), Will Sherrill (Raleigh Division), Justin Alford (Raleigh Division), Hunter Wood (Spartanburg Division), Jake Crapster (Charlotte Division), and Eli Newman (Charlotte Division).

Several interns have continued in a part-time rotation with Morgan Corp. as they simultaneously complete their education. Thank you to the class of 2022 and we hope to see you back in our Morgan Green post-graduation!